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TM 9-8000
Figure 5-14. Unit Injection System.
filter, and directly to the Individual injector units.  The
multiple unit Injection system (para 5-14).
fuel is supplied at low pressure, approximately 20 psi
difference Is that rather than using a centrally located
(137.9 kPa).
unit to house the high-pressure pumps, control racks,
pressure regulators, and delivery valves, they are all
c.  Injector Units (Fig.
Unit Injectors
incorporated into each Injector.
This eliminates the
need  for high pressure lines or any other apparatus
combine the Injection pump, the fuel valves, and the
besides the fuel supply pump.
nozzle In a single housing.
These units provide a
complete and Independent Injection system for each
b. Fuel Supply. Fuel Is drawn from the fuel
cylinder. The units are mounted
tank by the fuel supply pump, through the primary fuel


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