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TM 9-8000
the oil pickup tube. The oil pickup tube then is threaded
8-9. General. Oil pumps are mounted either inside or
directly into the pump inlet or may attach to the pump by
outside of the crankcase, depending on the design of the
a bolted flange.  A fixed-type strainer, like the one
engine. They usually are mounted so that they can be
described, is located so that a constant supply of oil will
driven by a worm or spiral gear directly from the
be assured. Some automotive engines use a pickup that
camshaft. Oil pumps generally are of the gear or the
is hinged from the oil pump. The pickup is designed to
rotor type.
float on top of the oil, thus preventing sediment from
being drawn into the oiling system.
8-10.  Rotor-Type Oil Pump (Fig.  8-4).  Refer to
paragraph 5-21 for the operation of a gear-type oil pump.
8-13. Oil Filters.
8-11.  Gear-Type Oil Pump (Fig.  8-5).  Refer to
a. General (Fig. 8-7). The oil filter removes most
paragraph 5-23 for the operation of a gear-type oil pump.
of the Impurities that have been picked up by the oil as it
is circulated through the engine.
8-12.  Oil Strainer and Pickup (Fig.  8-6).  Most
manufacture of in-line and V-type engines place at least
one oil strainer or screen in the lubrication system. The
screen usually Is a fine mesh bronze screen that is
located in the oil pump on the end of
Change 1 8-6.1(8-6.2 Blank)


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