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TM 9-8000
Figure 8-7. Oil Filters.
circulated and returns It directly to the oil pan after It Is
b. Oil Temperature Regulator (Flg. 8-10). The oil
filtered. This type of system does not filter the oil before
temperature regulator Is used to prevent the oil
it is sent to the engine.
temperature from rising too high In hot weather and to
assist In raising the temperature during cold starts In
winter weather. The regulator makes use of the liquid In
8-14. Oil Coolers.
the cooling system. It provides a more positive means of
controlling oil temperature than does cooling by radiation
a. Purpose. Some automotive configurations do
of heat from the oil pan wells. The regulator unit is made
not allow sufficient airflow around the crankcase to allow
up of a core and a housing. The core through which the
the oil to dissipate heat.  Engines In heavy duty and
oil circulates Is of cellular or bellows construction, and Is
desert use must be able to dissipate more heat from their
built to expose as much oil as possible to the coolant that
oil than normal airflow Is able to. An oil cooler Is installed
In all of these cases.


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