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Figure 9-13. Air Cooling System
temperature, the thermostat, in most cases, will position
The lubrication system of an air-cooled engine always
the doors so that part of the cooling air bypasses and
utilizes an air cooling system. There is also a certain
part of it cools. The thermostat, in the event of failure, is
amount of cooling as the fuel vaporizes in the intake
designed to open the doors fully to prevent overheating.
manifolds and combustion chambers.
d. Because an air cooling system does not employ a
e. Virtually all air-cooled engines utilize an oil cooler
liquid coolant, it often is assumed that air alone acts as
to help in the cooling process. The oil cooler unit usually
the cooling medium. However, this is not true because,
is located in the ducting so that it is exposed to the
as was pointed out in paragraph 9-2, the fuel and the
forced air from the cooling fan. Its operation is the same
lubrication systems also help in cooling the engine.


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