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possible the advent and use of this principle.  For
10-1. History of the Turbine Engine. There are two
centuries man has devoted himself to the task of
types of engines that provide most of our power today:
harnessing energy for the betterment of mankind. Ever
the gas turbine (the older of the two) and the piston
since man's first use of fire in the early ages, it has been
engine. The basic idea of the gas turbine is over 2,000
his desire to put energy to work in more efficient ways
years old. The principle of the gas turbine was used to
and means.  The following three examples are early
obtain continuous turning of the spit for roasting meat
applications of turbine engines.
over an open fire. Turbine blades were placed in the
chimney to be turned by the rising hot gases. The blade-
a. Aeolipile (Fig. 10-1). The first reaction engine
carrying shaft was connected through gearing to the spit
known to be used to perform work was built in
to obtain a very slow rotary motion. Modern science and
approximately 150 BC by Hero of Alexandria,
engineering has made
Figure 10-1. Early Examples of Gas Turbine Engines


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