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TM 9-8000
Figure 10-5. The Brayton Cycle
than the gas turbine engine.
The piston engine
the  combustion  chamber  maintains  a  constant
withstands  combustion  chamber  temperatures  of
temperature and limits it to approximately 10000 to
approximately 5000F (2760C) for a short duration of
20000F (537.70 to 1093.30C). This is done to retain the
time. The hot components are cooled rapidly to maintain
resilience of internal components and inhibit formation of
relatively low temperatures of only a few hundred
degrees. In the gas turbine,
chamber with the proper amount of high-pressure air,
10-8. Air Inlet Section. The air inlet section (fig. 10-6)
and will result in a lack of power. Modern compressors
serves to furnish a uniform and steady airflow to the face
are able to achieve compression ratios of approximately
of the compressor. Inlet sections may be equipped with
15:1 and efficiencies approaching 90 percent.  Two
or without inlet guide vanes. Inlet guide vanes serve to
common types of compressors are discussed below.
direct the air into the first stage of the compressor.
a.  Axial.  The axial compressor performs the
10-9. Compressors. The compressor is designed to
compression process in a straight line parallel to the axis
provide the combustion chamber with a maximum
of the engine.  The axial compressor is composed of
amount of high-pressure air that is heated and expanded
rotating members called rotors and stationary members
through the turbines. The amount of energy released
called stators. A row of rotors and stators is called a
from the heated airmass is proportional directly to the
stage. The axial compressor is composed of a series of
mass of air consumed. This is the major reason why the
stages (fig. 10-7). During operation the air is arrested in
compressor is one of the most important components in
the first stage of compression and is turned by a set of
the gas turbine. A poorly designed compressor will not
stator vanes, picked up by a set of rotor blades,


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