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TM 9-8000
Figure 10-7. Axial Compressor
with a flat pathway between the oval and triangular
10-11.Recouperator. The function of the recouperator,
ports. The incoming cool air passes down the triangular
also called regenerator, is to transfer heat from the
ports and enters a passage between triangular and oval
exhaust gases to the air entering the engine.  This
ports.  As the air passes through the pathways, it is
process allows the incoming air to expand prior to
heated by exhaust gases exiting above and below the
combustion. As a result, less heat is required during the
pathway.  The exhaust gas enters the middle of the
combustion process to obtain a fully expanded airmass
recouperator, passes through heater plates (B, fig. 10-
with maximum velocity. The recouperator is cylindrically
11), and exits the outside of the unit, giving up heat to
shaped with a hollow passageway through the middle.
the cool air in the process. The benefits obtained from
Triangular-and oval-shaped ports are placed alternately
the use of a recouperator are listed below.
around the perimeter and pass through the length of the
recouperator (fig. 10-10). Two different types of plates
a. High thermal efficiency.
are alternately stacked to construct the recouperator.
The air plate (A, fig. 10-11) is constructed


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