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TM 9-8000
Figure 10-22. Typical Ignition System.
turbine engines operate on 24 vdc.  They are series
10-22.  Starting System.  The starting system is
wound (para 14-3c) to provide high starting torque.
designed to rotate the compressor up to idle speed. At
Some models draw in excess of 1000 amperes during
this time the engine will continue operation by itself and
operation. Some units automatically engage the ignition
the starting mechanism can be disengaged.  Electric
system as the starter is engaged.  A typical electric
motors generally are used for starting purposes in gas
starter is illustrated in figure 10-23.
turbine engines. The majority of electric starters on gas
Figure 10-23. Typical Electric Starter.
10-19/(10-20 blank)


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