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TM 9-8000
Figure 11-22. Electromagnetic Induction.
d. Thus it can be seen that current can be induced
disconnected from the battery, its magnetic field will
collapse and disappear. As this happens, the lines of
in the wire by three methods: the wire can be moved
force move inward toward the electromagnet. Again, the
through the stationary magnetic field; the wire can be
wire held close to the electromagnet will be cut by
held stationary and the magnet can be moved so the
moving lines of force and will have a current induced in it.
field is carried past the wire; or the wire and
This time, the lines of force are moving in the opposite
electromagnet both can be held stationary and the
direction and the wire, therefore, will have current
current turned on and off to cause the magnetic field
induced in it in the opposite direct ion.
buildup and collapse, so the magnetic field moves one
11-17/(11-18 blank)


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