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TM 9-8000
b.  The battery should be mounted to facilitate
(2) Additional batteries may be required to meet
heavy current demands of certain military vehicles.
maintenance and provide ready access to the batteries
without the need for removing other components.  All
b. Two 12-Volt Batteries in Series. The connection
access plates should be hinged and employ quick-
of two 12-volt batteries in series will add their voltages
release fasteners when feasible.  Allow for adequate
together to deliver 24 volts. It should be noted that the
clearance so that maintenance personnel wearing arctic
amount of current output, however, will remain the same
clothing can gain access for removal and replacement.
as for one battery.
Allow enough overhead room to provide for easy,
accurate testing and servicing of the batteries.
c.  Four 12-Volt Batteries in Series-Parallel.  By
c. Battery boxes should be designed to protect the
taking two pairs of 12-volt batteries connected in series
vehicle and crew from gases produced during battery
(24 volts for each pair) and connecting them in parallel
charging. These gases are oxygen and hydrogen, which
with each other, a battery pack of 24 volts will result, with
constitute a highly explosive mixture.  Thus, adequate
twice the current output of each individual battery. This
ventilation must be provided to allow all gas to escape.
battery configuration is used to meet the demands of
This ventilation also is necessary to limit temperature
heavy-duty use and to provide extra power for cold
rise in hot climates.
weather cranking.
d.  Six 12-Volt Batteries in Series-Parallel.  This
12-11. Battery Installation Configurations
configuration consists of three pairs of 12-volt series-
connected batteries in parallel with each other.  This
configuration will provide 24 volts with three times the
General. Current tank-automotive vehicles
current capacity of each individual battery at 24 volts and
always use more than one battery.  There are two
is used in extreme heavy-duty applications.
reasons for this:
(1) Because the standard batteries are 12 volts,
two  batteries  are  required  to  meet  the  24-volt
requirement of military vehicles.


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