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TM 9-8000
Figure 13-10. Vibrating Point Voltage Regulator.
generator, when driven by the engine, builds up as a
armature, which tends to separate the contacts. When
simple shunt-wound generator.  When the speed and
the battery-charging current reaches the value for which
voltage of the generator are increased sufficiently to
the regulator is adjusted, the core is sufficiently
close the circuit breaker, the generator will begin to
magnetized to attract the armature overcoming the pull
charge the battery, the charging current flowing through
of the regulator spring. This separates the contact points
the regulator winding. This current flowing through the
and inserts the resistance unit in series with the shunt-
regulator winding will magnetize the core.  It, in turn,
field winding and weakens the field strength.  This
exerts a magnetic pull on the regulator contact
causes a drop in voltage generated in the


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