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TM 9-8000
Figure 14-8. Pedal Shift Starter
(1) Definition of Solenoid. A solenoid is a coil
shift plunger presses against the end of a contact
plunger.  This action pushes a contact disk on the
of wire wound in a spiral of one or more layers, which
contact plunger across the switch contacts to operate the
produces a magnetic field when current is passed
starter.  An overrunning clutch is required with this
through it. The magnetic field thus produced flows in
system to prevent damage to the starter at the time the
concentric circles around the wire.
engine starts.
(2)  Operation of Solenoid Shift.  A remote
f. Bendix Starter Drive (Flg. 14-10). The Bendix
control switch is necessary to operate the solenoid. The
drive is a starting mechanism that seldom is used on
ignition switch is connected to the control circuit so that
modern vehicles.  This automatic screw pinion shift
the starter will not operate until the ignition is on. The
mechanism is built in two distinct styles: the inboard type,
solenoid shift unit is mounted rigidly on the starter field
in which the pinion shifts toward the starter to engage the
frame.  Inside the solenoid coil is a heavy plunger
flywheel, and the outboard type, in which the pinion shifts
connected to the shift lever.  The two larger terminal
away from the starter. The same general construction is
posts on the shift unit are connected in series with the
used in both types.  A sleeve having screw threads
starter. The smaller terminal that leads to the solenoid is
(usually a triple thread), with stops at each end to limit
connected to the remote control circuit.  When the
the lengthwise travel of the pinion, is mounted on the
remote control circuit is closed to supply current to the
extended armature shaft.  The pinion gear, which is
solenoid coil, the solenoid exerts a pull on the shift
unbalanced by a weight on one side, has corresponding
plunger, which shifts the pinion to engage with the
internal threads for mounting on this sleeve. The sleeve
flywheel teeth. After the pinion shift lever has moved the
is connected to the starter armature shaft through a
distance required for engaging the pinion gear, the
special drive spring attached to a collar pinned to the
pointed end of the
armature shaft.


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