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TM 9-8000
Figure 15-14. Dual-Circuit Contact Points.
b. Operation.
The contact points handle the
to electronic components when they operate, providing
they are operating within their limits.
switching of the coil current (about 4 or 5 amperes) In the
conventional ignition system. Despite the use of a
(2)  The contact points In the system handle the
condenser, there is a large amount of arcing that occurs
signal to the base of the transistor that Initiates the
between the points when they open and close.  This
switching of coil current. Because the switching current
arcing causes the points to burn and require regular
is so low (about 0.5 ampere) very little arcing occurs at
replacement. By adding a transistor amplifier circuit to
the points, greatly extending their life.
the Ignition system, operation will be as follows:
(3)  The points In a transistorized system have
(1)  The transistor will handle the switching of
such a long life that the major concern with them is the
the coil current electronically. There is no degradation


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