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TM 9-8000
Figure 15-17. Solid State Ignition System.
through the pickup coil. This voltage is carried from the
completed. The magnetic field again is built up in the
pickup coil to the control unit by the distributor leads.
primary windings of the Ignition coil, where it waits for
When the pulse enters the control unit, it signals the
another signal from the pickup unit.
control unit to interrupt the Ignition primary circuit. This
causes the primary circuit to collapse and begins the
(4)  The buildup and collapse of the primary
induction of the magnetic lines of force from the primary
circuit takes place very rapidly. This is brought about by
side of the coil into the secondary side of the coil. This
transistor action and the speed of the reluctor.
induction provides the required voltage to Jump the
spark plug gap and Ignite the air-fuel mixture In the
(5)  The advantages of an electronic Ignition
combustion chamber.
system are that the transistors in the control unit can
make and break the primary circuit much faster than
(3)  As the tooth on the reluctor moves away
conventional Ignition points. Higher primary voltages can
from the pickup unit, the primary circuit is again
be used because this system


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