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TM 9-8000
and the cap inserts at the outer high-tension terminals.
15-16. General. Because many vehicles must operate
The ventilation is accomplished by connecting two tubes
under very wet conditions and must be able to ford fairly
to the distributor: one leading to the air cleaner (from
deep waters, it is necessary to waterproof the ignition
which clean air can be obtained) and the other to the
system. The system must be so watertight that, even
intake manifold. The intake manifold vacuum causes air
though the components are immersed, they can continue
to pass through the distributor from the air cleaner, thus
to function normally and will not suffer any damage.
keeping the distributor well ventilated. The various leads
in the ignition system are enclosed in a watertight
15-17. Description (Fig. 15-25). The distributor and
conduit. This conduit prevents moisture from getting to
ignition coil are sealed in a common housing and
the leads with resultant insulation deterioration.  The
enclosed by a common cover. This application also has
conduit also prevents shorting or grounding caused by
a means of ventilating the distributor, thus preventing the
presence of water.
condensation of water and the formation of harmful
chemicals. Otherwise, such chemicals might form due to
the arcing that takes place between the rotor segment


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