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TM 9-8000
Figure 16-9. Blackout Light/Headlamp Switch.
Whenever there is an excessive current through the
hold the contact arm of the circuit breaker down until the
lighting circuit, the fuse will burn out and open the circuit.
short is removed. After removing the short, it may be
The short circuit should be removed before the fuse is
necessary to turn off all lights for an Instant to permit the
replaced. The disadvantages of using a fuse are that the
relay to reset itself and extinguish the telltale light.
circuit must be traced to locate the trouble and that a
b. Fuse (Fig.  16-14).  A common method of
burned-out fuse must be replaced. However, It provides
much cheaper protection to the system.
protection is to use a fuse In the lighting circuit.


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