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TM 9-8000
Figure 16-22. Stoplight Switch Configuration
c. Parking Lights.
pedal. Other models use a switch that is actuated by the
hydraulic line pressure.
(1)  The  smaller  lights  used  for  parking
sometimes are located immediately above or below the
16-16. Other Lights.
main headlights.
a. Instrument Lights. Ordinarily, indirect lighting is
(2) Side lights sometimes serve as parking
used for the instrument lamps, which light whenever the
lights, in which case, a separate housing is used.
lighting switch is in any of the ON positions. Many cars
are equipped with an instrument panel lamp switch so
(3) A smaller lamp, located within the main
that the instrument panel lamps can be turned off when
headlight and above the main headlight lamp, frequently
has been used to provide a parking light. A 4- or 6-
candlepower lamp, or smaller, is used for a parking light.
b. Dome Lights. Practically all closed motor vehicles
make use of dome or tonneau lights. These ordinarily are
controlled by means of a switch on the body post near
Figure 16-23 Typical Stoplight System
16-15/(16-16 blank)


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