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TM 9-8000
Figure 17-18. Odometer Operation
units operation is the same as the operation of the
reluctor and pickup coil described in paragraph 15-6. The
The gage unit usually Is transistorized and will supply
pickup coil Is located strategically in the transmission
information through either a magnetic analog (dial) or a
case to interact with the reluctor teeth located on the
light emitting diode (LED) digital gage display. The gage
input shaft.
unit derives its Input signal in the following ways:
(1) An electronic tachometer can obtain a pulse
signal from the. ignition distributor that switches the coil
on and off. This Is the most popular signal source for a
tachometer that is used on a gasoline engine. The pulse
speed at this point will change proportionally with engine
(2) A tachometer that is used with a diesel
engine can use the alternating current generated at the
stator terminal of the ac generator as a signal. The
frequency of the ac current will change proportionally
with engine speed.
(3) An electronic speedometer derives its signal
from a magnetic pickup coil that has its field Interrupted
Figure 17-19. Mechanical Tachometer and Engine
Hours Gage


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