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TM 9-8000
Figure 17-20. Electric Speedometer and Tachometer Operation
In the disk shown in figure 17-21, the vehicle did not
17-7.  Tachograph
move from midnight to approximately 5:37 am. Then the
tachograph is a device that keeps a complete record of
engine was started, revved momentarily to about 1800
the operation of a vehicle for a 24-hour period. A circular
rpm, idled at 600 rpm for 6 or 7 minutes, revved to 2100
graph is made on a disk by rotating it under three styli
rpm momentarily, and then shut down at approximately
that separately record engine speed, vehicle speed, and
5:46 am. At 7:10 am the engine was started again and
distance traveled, all versus time. The completed graph
idled for 22 minutes. At 7:32 am the vehicle was moved
can be removed and a blank disk inserted so that the
out, attained a speed of approximately 28 mph
Figure 17-21. Tachograph.


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