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TM 9-8000
subassembly that will interconnect specific elec- trical
17-21. General.
components and/or equipment. There are two basic
types of wiring assemblies:
a. Electrical power and control signals must be
delivered to electrical devices reliably and safely so that
Cable Assembly. The cable assembly
the electrical system functions are not impaired or
consists of a stranded conductor with insulation or a
converted to hazards. This goal is accomplished through
combination of insulated conductors enclosed in a
careful circuit design, prudent component selection, and
covering or jacket from end to end. Terminating
practical equipment location.
connections seal around the outer jacket so that the
inner conductors are isolated completely from the
b. The list of common equipment used to fulfill power
environment experienced by the outer jacket. Cable
distribution requirements in military vehicles includes
assemblies may have two or more ends.
single-conductor cable, multiconductor cable, bus bars,
terminal blocks, terminals, and connectors. In order to
(2) Wiring Harness. Wiring harness assemblies
facilitate the successful application of such equipment,
contain two or more individual conductors laid parallel or
guidelines for the design of main power distribution
twisted together and wrapped with binding materials
circuits, conductor selection and routing practices, wiring
such as tape, lacing cord, and wiring ties. The binding
and cable assembly requirements,
materials do not isolate the conductors
from the
environment completely, and conductor terminations
requirements, and circuit identification techniques are
may or may not be sealed. Wiring harnesses also may
discussed in this section. Included are the general power
have two or more ends.
distribution considerations necessary for effecting good
performance, economy, and safety in a vehicle electrical
b. Wiring Harness Bindings. Several methods are
system design.
employed to bind the wire bundles together in wiring
harness assemblies. Each method has an intended or
17-22. Wiring Harnesses.
preferred application in military vehicles.
a. General (Fig. 17-33). Wiring assemblies consist of
wires and cables of definitely pre- scribed length,
Figure 17-33


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