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TM 9-8000
(1) Tape Binding (A, Fig. 17-34). This binding
(4) Spaced Bindings - Cable Ties (D, Fig. 17-
34). Another alternative spaced-binding method uses
is intended for vehicle interior wiring applications where
wires are unprotected, and an additional measure of
wire ties or straps.  Cable straps, adjustable, self-
snag protection and abrasion resistance is required.
clinching, MS3367-1, MS3367-3, MS3367-4, or MS3367-
Cables are bound together with one-half overlapping
5 are suitable for this application.  Cables are bound
turns of tape. Tape, Type EF-9, Black, MIL-I-5126, has
together with straps spaced at 8- to 12-in. intervals.
demonstrated suitable low-temperature flexibility (-100F
(5) Laced Bindings (E, Fig. 17-34). Lacing is
cold bend) in the military environment.
intended for wiring used in junction and control box
(2) Spaced  Bindings (B, Fig.  17-34). This
applications.  Lacing cord in accordance with MIL-T-
binding is intended for vehicle interior wiring in protected
43435, Size 3, Type I, Finish B, Waxed, Color Optional,
locations, or in junction and control box applications.
has performed satisfactorily in the military environment.
Cables are bound together with one-half overlapping
(6) High-Temperature Bindings (F, Fig. 17-
turns of tape in spaced intervals. Tape should form 2- to
2.25-in. Wrap lengths spaced at 8- to 12-in. intervals.
34). This binding method is intended for harnesses used
on engines, transmissions, or other  systems
(3) Spaced Bindings - Heat-Shrinkable Tubing
protection against high temperature is
(C, Fig.  17-34).  One alternative method for spaced
required. Cables are covered, or bound together with
binding uses sleeving in lieu of tape. A heat-shrinkable
insulating sleeving.  Sleeving ends and junctions are
modified neoprene rubber sleeving,
bound to cables with one-half overlapping turns of tape.
has  demonstrated suitable low-temperature flexibility (-
Tape endings must overlap fully.
55C brittleness) in the military environment and the
cables are bound together with 0.75- to 1.25-in. lengths
Insulating sleeving, electrical, Class 200, Type C,
of the heat-shrinkable sleeving spaced at 8- to 12-in.
Category C or D, MIL-I-3190, has demonstra-
Figure 17-34. Harness Bindings


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