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TM 9-8000
Figure 17-36. Electrical Terminals
barrel is fastened to the end of the wire, the insulation-
17-25. Wire Connectors (Fig. 17-37).
supporting sleeve is fastened around the insulation. This
additional support prevents excessive bending of the wire
a. General. Connectors have evolved to facilitate
at the point where it enters the barrel of the terminal, and
the coupling and uncoupling of electrical equipment for
also prevents fraying of the insulation or braid that is over
replacement or service. The typical connectors used on
the wire. A special water seal terminal, designed to fit
military vehicles permit the elements of a system to be
MIL-C-13486 cable and grip the insulation to prevent
fabricated and serviced as individual assemblies or
water from reaching the conductor, also is provided. This
components so that the final system configuration is built
terminal  should  be  used  wherever  MIL-C-13486
and maintained more easily.
The interconnection
interconnecting wire is terminated in an area subject to
generally is accomplished using multiconductor or single-
bilge water, road splash, or corrosive spills. If water seal
conductor cable assemblies or wiring harnesses, which
terminals are not used in such circumstances,  the
permit convenient placement of the system components.
stranded  conductor will absorb moisture, and rapid
Connectors and receptacles also are attached directly to
corrosion of the individual strands will occur.
individual components to permit the easy removal of
items that are connected to mating parts without the use
c. Solder-Type Terminals (Fig. 17-36). Solder-type
of interconnecting cables (circuit boards and relays). A
terminals come in most of the configurations. Although
compatible connection system consists of a plug
they are considered to make more positive, permanent
assembly, a mating receptacle assembly, and the wires
connections, they are not used as widely as solderless
or cables leading to them. Connector assemblies exist in
connectors because of the difficulty involved with
a variety of configurations, each of which is intended for a
installing them.
particular environmental and/or mounting condition.


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