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TM 9-8000
Figure 17-37. Wire Receptacles and Connectors
b. Types. Plugs and receptacles are available with
using two or more cable or harness assemblies to
facilitate maintenance.
either pin- or socket-type contacts, that is, with either
male or female contacts.  The placement of one in
(2)  The difference between box- and wall-
preference to the other is based on a general rule
mounted receptacles is related to the environmental
prescribing that sockets (female) are used on the power
protection of the conductor connections.  The box-
side of a connection. This arrangement is intended to
mounted style has exposed conductor connections, and
prevent accidental shorting of the power side of the
is intended to be mounted on a box or component that is
connection, which could injure personnel or damage
sealed and thereby provides the conductor connections
equipment.  Connectors are designed specifically for
with protection from the environment. A wall-mounted
high- or low-voltage applications. The various connector
receptacle is intended to be mounted on an exposed or
receptacles that are available for vehicle usage are
unprotected enclosure; therefore, the connections to the
classified as in-line or cable, box, wall, or bulkhead types.
conductors are sealed.
(1) The In-line type has no means of supporting
The bulkhead receptacle
is used to
itself, is used on a cable end, and is joined to a mating
penetrate a panel while maintaining a seal
between the
element that also is cable connected.  These in-line
compartments established by the panel.
The unique
receptacles  permit  the  Interconnection  of  power
feature of the bulkhead receptacle is that
it allows the
distribution systems
connection on both sides


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