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TM 9-8000
(c) At gage sending unit.
side of the supply line. The complete shielding system is
used on most tanks having radial engines and on some
(d) Under head of radiator grille mounting
armored cars.
In tanks, all wiring is enclosed in flexible metal conduit or
solid metal conduit. Very little bonding is necessary with
(e) Under head of fender mounting screws.
this system. In most cases, only the engine is bonded to
the support or hull. Control devices consisting of metal
(f)   Under head of any bolt or screw
rods or tubing extending from crew compartment to
securing a separate section of metal that will help form a
engine compartment may be bonded at the points they
shield in the vicinity of the engine compartment.
enter the crew compartment.
Transport Vehicles - Completely Shielded
(1) Usually one filter is used, enclosed in a
Suppression System. A few vehicles have a completely
shielding box. It always is mounted close to the regulator
shielded system of suppressing, and in such cases,
and the battery.
usually only one filter is used. It is mounted in a metal
box close to the regulator (it may be on the cab side of
(2) Capacitors are used on the electrical
the firewall). A capacitor will be found mounted on the
devices in the turret. They will be found at the brushes of
generator, in a round metal shielding case.  In most
the traversing motor, generator, and in the circuits of the
cases, the only bond is between the engine and the
stabilizer control switchbox.
In armored scout cars and gun motor carriages that have
Tanks and Armored Cars.
The resistor-
the completely shielded system, all high-tension, primary
suppressor system used on tanks with in-line engines,
ignition, and charging circuit wiring is shielded with
and on most armored cars, is basically the same as that
flexible metal conduit, which is grounded every 2 feet
used on transport vehicles described above.  Usually,
with clips and internal-external tooth washers.  The
there will be fewer bonds and toothed lockwashers and
distributor, ignition coil, and regulator are shielded.
more capacitors. Less bonds and washers are needed
because of the heavy, bolted, or welded construction of
(3) Filters may or may not be used. If one is
the hull or body.  Resistor-suppressors, filters, and
used, it will be mounted close to the regulator on the
capacitors are used in the same circuits as in the
transport vehicles.  More capacitors will be used to
bypass the interfering surges from such accessories as
(4) A capacitor is mounted on the generator.
auto-pulse fuel pump, electric gages, windshield wipers,
traversing motors, auxiliary generators, and similiar
(5)  Usually, the only bond is the one from
items. The capacitors always are mounted close to the
engine to frame. Both sides of the engine are bonded.
device causing interference, with the lead connected to
the hot


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