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TM 9-8000
Figure 19-9. Typical Ball Bearings
Cylindrical, or straight, roller bearings are bearings in
which the outer races, rollers, and inner races are all
cylindrical. Rollers usually are solid, as shown in figure
19-10, and the rollers are guided by flanges on one or
both races. If both races are flanged, the bearing has
some ability to resist end thrust, otherwise it is good for
radial loads only. One manufacturer uses rollers formed
by winding spiral strips of alloy steel into hollow cylinders,
which then are heat treated and ground to size. This
construction imparts some flexibility to the rollers and
enables them to adjust themselves to small inaccuracies.
Rollers wound right and left hand are assembled
alternately in the bearing and held in proper alinement by
a cage retainer. These bearings are made with
Figure 19-10. Typical Roller Bearings


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