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TM 9-8000
Figure 19-15. Wick Seals
conforms to irregularities in mating surfaces when
tion of mating parts, and part clearance relationship.
compressed. Steel, aluminum, copper, asbestos, cork,
synthetic rubber, paper, and felt are just a few of the
Gaskets also can be formed by using a silicone sealant.
materials that are used singly or in combination to
This type usually is formed by applying sealant from a
produce leak-proof joints. The proper material used in
squeeze tube to the mating surfaces, and allowing it to
gasket construction depends on the temperature, type of
dry, forming a sealed flexible joint. This type of seal is
fluid to be contained, smoothness of mating parts,
becoming more popular on modern vehicles.
fastener tension, pressure of the sub- stance to be
confined, material used in construc-


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