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TM 9-8000
Figure 21-9. Hydraulic Operating Systems.
other type would Impose a severe shock on the engine
flywheel when the clutch Is engaged. When the clutch is
and power train when starting a heavy load.
disengaged, the release bearing rotates with the flywheel,
but the driven disk and the clutch shaft come to rest.
b. Single Dry Plate (Fig. 21-10). The transmission Is
c. Diaphragm Clutch. In some clutches, a diaphragm Is
driven by a single friction plate that is sandwiched
used Instead of coil springs. It is a conical piece of spring
between the flywheel and an Iron pressure plate. When
steel punched as shown in figure 21-5 to give it greater
the clutch Is engaged fully, the driven disk Is clamped
flexibility. The diaphragm Is positioned between the cover
firmly between the flywheel and the pressure plate by the
and the pressure plate so that the diaphragm spring Is
pressure of the springs. When the operator disengages
nearly flat when the clutch Is In the engaged position.
the clutch by depressing the pedal, the release yoke or
The action of this type of spring Is similar to that of the
fork Is moved on Its pivot, and pressure Is applied to the
bottom of an ordinary oil can (fig. 21-5). The pressure of
release bearing sleeve, or collar, containing the release
the outer rim of the spring on the pressure plate
bearing. The rotating race of the release bearing presses
Increases until It reaches the flat position and decreases
against the clutch release levers and moves them on
as this position Is passed. The outer rim of the
their pivot pins. The outer ends of the release levers,
diaphragm Is secured to the pressure plate and Is
which are fastened to the cover, move the pressure plate
pivoted on rings approximately 1 Inch from the outer
to the rear, compressing the clutch springs and allowing
edge so that the application of pressure at the Inner
the driving members to rotate Independently of the driven
section will cause the outer rim to move away from the
member. The release yoke moves only on Its pivot,
flywheel and draw the pressure plate away from the
which is fastened to the flywheel housing by means of a
clutch disk, releasing or disengaging the clutch. When
bracket or a transverse shaft. All parts of the clutch,
the pressure is released from the inner section, the oil
except the release bearing and collar, rotate with the
can action of the diaphragm


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