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TM 9-8000
Figure 21-11. Clutch Disk With Two Driven Disks.
between the plates is increased as the speed of between
made of different materials and the gradual engagement
the disks. As the oil is eliminated, the clutch increases.
between the driving and driven members is caused by
This is accomplished by means of centrifugal weights
pressing the oil from friction increases.
built into the outer ends of the release levers so that the
f. Helical Spring (Semi-centrifugal). Many passenger
outward pull of centrifugal force is transformed into
pressure on the plate. This construction permits the use
car clutches are of the semi-centrifugal type shown in
of relatively light clutch springs, thus facilitating the
figure 21-13, in which the pressure
depression of the clutch pedal for gear shifting.


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