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TM 9-8000
Figure 21-15. Fluid Coupling - Schematic View.
of increasing torque through the unit. These additional
con-  members can reverse the direction of the moving oil
Section III. 21-7.Principles. In some respects,the torque
driven before it reenters the driving member; this nullifies any
verter is like the fluid coupling. It has driving and
negative effect produced by vane curvature, as explained
members with vanes. Oil is passed from the driving to
in paragraph 21-8. Thus, the torque converter not only
the driven member when the coupling Is In operation,
acts as a fluid coupling, it also provides a speed-
thereby transmitting driving force to the driven member.
producing, torque-multiplying connection be-
However, in the torque converter, the vanes are curved
and additional rotatable members provide the means


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