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TM 9-8000
Figure 22-5. Transmission in High Position.
end for end, and are shown from the opposite side from
does not influence the gear ratio between the
previous illustrations (fig. 22-2 thru 22-5). In passing
countershaft reverse gear and the first-and-reverse
from neutral to reverse, the first-and-reverse speed main
speed main shaft gear. The gear ratio between these
shaft gear has been shifted rearward to mesh with the
gears is about two. In reverse, the crankshaft rotates 1.5
reverse idler gear. The sole function of this gear is to
x 2, or three times for every revolution of the propeller
make the main shaft rotate in the opposite direction to
the input shaft; it
Figure 22-6. Transmission Gears in Reverse Position.


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