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TM 9-8000
earlier two-speed drive trains that utilized two separate
23-8.  General. Automatic transmissions are built with
planetary gearsets.
two, three, and four forward speeds and, therefore, utilize
many variations of drive train arrangements. The
b. Operation (Fig. 23-8). The compound
following paragraphs describe the two most popular
planetary drive train provides two forward speeds,
arrangements: the compound planetary drive train and
reverse, and neutral. Power flow in the different gear
the simpson drive train.
ranges are as follows:
Compound Planetary Drive Train.
(1) Neutral. When the gearshift lever is
placed in neutral, the clutch and brake bands are
a. General (Fig. 23-7). This arrangement
released. Because of this there is no reactionary
combines two multiple-disk clutches and one brake band
member in the planetary gearset to provide positive
with a compound planetary gearset. The compound
drive. Therefore, no torque is transmitted to the output
planetary gearset is really two gearsets that are
shaft as all of the planetary gearset elements are free to
integrated together through the use of long and short
spin around their axes.
pinions. Because of the compactness of this unit, it has
all but superseded
Figure 23-7. Typical Two-Speed Automatic Transmission Utilizing Compound Planetary
Drive Train.


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