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TM 9-8000
Figure 24-1. Cross Drive Transmission- Right Front View
gear). Operation of planetary gears is described in detail
ring gear through the cross shaft, which is splined to
in paragraph 19-6.
both output ring gears. Both output ring gears, therefore,
drive through their respective planetary gear systems to
b. Low Range. The low-range planetary provides an
drive the two output flanges. Figure 24-4 illustrates the
optional gear reduction through the transmission in
complete power flow path through the transmission. Note
addition to that provided by the other gearing. The low
that the power passes through the converter first, then to
range may be selected by the driver when extra driving
the low-range sun gear, through the planet pinions,
torque is required, as for instance, when pulling through
carrier, right output ring gear, cross shaft, and left output
heavy mud or sand. When the driver selects low range
ring gear, and from the two output ring gears through the
by operation of the control valve, oil pressure is directed
output planetaries to the output flanges.
to the low-range clutch. The clutch engages, thereby
locking the low-range ring gear In a stationary position
c. High Range. For high-range operation, the driver
(fig. 24-4). The planet pinions are now forced to move
places the control valve in high range. This action directs
around the ring gear, carrying with them the low-range
oil pressure to the high-range clutch, causing it to
planet carrier. The right output ring gear, to which the
engage. This action locks together as a unit the high-
planet carrier is attached, turns with the carrier. This
range clutch housing, clutch hub, and the cross-drive


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