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TM 9-8000
Figure 24-7 Power Flow through Cross-Drive Transmission during Left Steering in Neutral Range
e. Reverse Range (Fig. 24-10). When the range-
oil pressure to the steer clutches by varying the amount
control valve is shifted to reverse range, oil pressure is
of pressure applied to the steering control. This, in turn,
admitted to the reverse-range clutch (through line 20).
varies the amount of steering obtained. When a left steer
Oil pressure is cut off from the other range clutches. The
is applied to the control, the left-steering valve admits oil
reverse- range clutch therefore engages, and the power
pressure to the left-steer clutch to produce a left steer;
flow through the transmission is as shown in figure 24-6.
the power flow through the transmission steering system
being as shown in figures 24-7 and 24-9. When a right
f.  Steering Valves (Fig. 24-10). The right- and left-
steer is applied to the control by the driver, the right-
steering valves (1 and 2) are operated by linkage from
steering valve admits oil pressure to the right-steer clutch
the driver's compartment. These valves are modulating-
to produce a right steer.
type valves, which means they are not simple open-or-
closed valves but can be opened to admit more or less
g. Pressure Regulating Valves (Fig. 24-10). The
oil pressure to the steer clutches. The driver can vary the
range control valve body also contains TA233733


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