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TM 9-8000
Figure 25-4. Power Flow through X1100 Transmission in Neutral
g. Reverse 1 Range. The reverse ranges are
shaft assembly (with the front and center sun gears
the only ranges in which the forward clutch is not
splined to it) at range input speed. The second clutch
engaged. In reverse 1, the fourth clutch is applied and
also Is applied, which anchors the front carrier assembly
this rotates the sun gear shaft assembly (with the front
against rotation. The rotating front sun gear rotates the
and center sun gears splined to it) at range Input speed.
front carrier pinions whose carrier Is anchored against
The first clutch also is applied, which anchors the rear
rotating by the applied second clutch. This causes the
ring gear against rotation. The center sun gear rotates
front carrier pinions to drive the front ring gear in a
the center carrier pinions, which, in turn, rotate the center
reverse rotation. The front ring gear is splined to the rear
ring gear In an opposite direction. The center carrier is
carrier assembly which drives the range output gear.
splined to the front ring gear which is splined to the rear
The power flow in reverse 2 is illustrated in figure 25-10.
carrier. The reverse direction of rotation of the center
ring gear rotates the rear sun gear. This causes the rear
25-6. Steering.
planetary pinions to drive the rear carrier in a reverse
direction  within  the  stationary  ring  gear.
a. General. The X1100 steer system consists
compounding action of the center and rear planetary
mainly of a variable-volume hydrostatic pump, a fixed-
gives rotation with a speed reduction to the rear carrier,
volume hydrostatic motor, a steer-control valve system,
which is splined to the range output gear. Figure 25-9
gearing to drive the pump, and gearing by which the
illustrates the X1100 transmission in reverse 1 range.
motor produces steer action. The hydrostatic pump is
driven continuously while the engine is operating through
h. Reverse 2 Range. In reverse 2 range, the
a gear train
fourth clutch is applied which rotates the sun gear


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