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TM 9-8000
Figure 25-5. Power Flow through X1100 Transmission in First Range
connecting the converter turbine to the hydrostatic pump.
sun gears act as reaction elements in the planetary sets,
During straight travel, the hydrostatic pump produces no
providing equal rotation to the sun gears in the output
flow or pressure. When steer is desired, the pump will
planetaries. When steer is applied, the differential sun
produce flow from either of two ports, depending upon
gears are driven in opposite directions.  Thus, one of
whether right or left steer Is desired. The amount of flow
them adds speed to one output sun gear while the other
produced depends upon the degree of steer desired.
subtracts speed from the opposite output sun gear. This
speeds up one power train output, while slowing down
Flow from either port of the pump is directed to the
the opposite output an equal amount. The hydrostatic
hydrostatic motor. This port becomes the input of the
steer unit is illustrated in figure 25-11 and a hydraulic
motor.  The remaining port is the motor output, and
diagram of the system Is shown in figure 25-12.
returns flow to the pump input.  Thus, the inputs and
outputs of the pump and motor are reversed when
b.  Left and Right Steering.  When steer is
steering is changed from left to right, or right to left. The
applied, the servo valve is rotated to the extent required
direction in which the hydrostatic motor rotates is
to produce the desired steer. This directs pressure to the
determined by whether right or left steer is applied. The
control piston which controls the pump piston stroke. For
mechanical output of the motor is connected by gears to
steer in one direction, it is one of the control pistons; for
a differential arrangement which drives sun gears of two
steer in the other direction, it is the other piston. The
planetary  gearsets  in  opposite  directions.
piston opposite the one being pressurized remains
differential arrangement is stationary during straight
travel and the


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