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TM 9-8000
Figure 25-8. Power Flow through X1100 Transmission in Fourth Range.
method since the pinion gears are running in oil all the
located in each final drive, that slide into engagement
time and carry the oil around the housing with them. The
with the drive splines on the transmission output shafts.
final drive uses the same oils as the transmission.
This configuration also permits external disengagement
from the transmission for high speed or extensive towing
b.  Transmission/Final Drive Interface.  The two
of the vehicle.
transmission mounting trunnions fit into mating saddle
assemblies of the final drives. The left trunnion of the
The final drive input spline, integral with the sun gear,
transmission has a locating ring that fits in a groove in
receives transmission output torque and transmits it
the final drive. This ring positions the transmission in the
through the planetary carrier to the final drive output
vehicle and prevents lateral movement. Saddle caps bolt
shaft. The output shaft carries the torque to the vehicle
on and secure the transmission trunnions to the final
track sprocket to propel the vehicle. The gear reduction
drives. The transmission output shafts are connected to
ratio is 4.30:1 and input and output rotation are in the
the final drives by the splined sun gears,
same direction.


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