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TM 9-8000
Section I. PURPOSE
body of the vehicle to remain at a practical height from
27-1. Divided Engine Torque (Fig. 27-1). Transfer
the ground.
assemblies are used in off-road vehicles to divide engine
torque between the front and rear driving axles.  The
27-2.  High- and Low-Gear Range.  The transfer
transfer case also allows the front driving axle to be
disengaged, which is necessary to prevent undue
assembly also provides a high and low final drive gear
driveline-component wear during highway use. Another
range in the same manner as an auxiliary transmission.
purpose of the transfer case is to move the propeller
In most cases the shifting of the gear ranges is
shaft for the front driving axle off to the side so that it can
accomplished through a sliding dog clutch and shifting
clear the engine. This arrangement is necessary to allow
must be done while the vehicle is not moving.
adequate ground clearance and to allow the
Figure 27-1. Typical Driveline Arrangement with Transfer Assembly.


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