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TM 9-8000
transmission main shaft) are in mesh with the internal
teeth of the constant mesh gear mounted on this shaft.
Likewise, the external teeth of the front-axle sliding gear
are in mesh with internal teeth on the constant-mesh
Disengagement of the drive to the front axle is
accomplished by shifting the sliding gear on the front-
axle main shaft out of mesh with the constant-mesh gear,
permitting the latter to roll free on the shaft, or sliding the
clutches out of mesh.
b. Low Range. When using the low range in the
transfer assembly, the sliding gear on the transmission
main shaft is disengaged from the constant-mesh gear
and engaged with the idler gear on the idler shaft. This
reduces the speed by having the sliding gear mesh with
the larger idler gear.  The shifting linkage on some
vehicles is arranged so that shifting into the low range is
possible only when the drive to the front axle is engaged.
This prevents the driver from applying maximum torque
to the rear drive only, which might cause damage.
Figure 27-3. Typical Conventional Transfer
Assembly Using Chain Drive for Front Axle.
Figure 27-4. Power Flow in Transfer Assembly, (Part A)


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