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TM 9-8000
Figure 30-18. Pressure Regulator Valve.
30-15. Air Shock Absorbers. Air shock absorbers (fig.
30-20) are conventional hydraulic shock absorbers with
an additional air chamber added to establish load-
carrying capabilities. The air inlet to the shock absorber
is connected to the air output of the height control valve.
The air shock absorber uses a rubber boot to form the
air chamber between the dust boot and reservoir tube.
When the pressure is increased in the air chamber, it
makes the shock absorber extend.
When air is
released, the shock is allowed to contract. The shock
absorbers are connected by a crossover air line to keep
the pressure in each the same.  A small amount of
pressure is maintained in the system to minimize boot
Figure 30-20. Air Shock Absorber.
Figure 30-19. Height Control Valve.


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