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TM 9-8000
Figure 32-16. Regular Treads.
tional, depending upon the application. Most desert tread
found in the atmosphere and is very harmful to rubber.
patterns are similar to the tactical tire with cross-country
Military tires are specified to contain certain oils and
waxes known as antiozoants, which migrate to the
surface of the tire when it is flexed in operation. These
substances protect the rubber from ozone. When the tire
32-13. Ozone-Resistant Rubber. Factors contributing
is in storage, the antiozoants stay inside the tire, causing
to the deterioration of tires in storage include sunlight,
it to deteriorate.
heat, air in motion, ozone, oil, grease, dust, dirt, and
water. Ozone is a gas
Figure 32-17. Rock Service Tread
Figure 32-18. Earthmover Tread


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