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TM 9-8000
Figure 32-25. Cured-In Valve
h. Clamp-In, Double-Bent Tubeless Tire Valve.
Clamp-In, double-bent tubeless valve stems have an
extra low vertical height. They are attached to the rim by
tightening the hex nut against the rim. This ensures an
Figure 32-24. All-Metal-Stem Cured-On Valve
airtight seal at the base of the valve.
car and light truck tubeless tires. This valve stem Is
32-17. Valve Accessories.
mounted on tubeless tire rims through a circular hole of a
controlled dimension. The valve Is airtight at the base
a. Valve Core. The valve core (fig. 32-28) Is that
because of the clamping action of the ring washer and
part of the valve that Is screwed into the valve stem and
the hex nut.
permits air, under pressure, to enter, but prevents it from
escaping. There are two types of valve cores and two
g. Clamp-In, Large-Bore Tubeless Tire Valve.
sizes of each type. The two types are the visible spring
Clamp-In, large-bore tubeless valve stems are available
type and concealed spring type. The two types are
In three types: straight-type, swivel-type, and nonswivel-
Interchangeable. Two sizes are provided for the
type valves. Large-bore valves are used on rims for very
standard bore and the large bore valve stems. The core
large earthmover tires. They permit rapid Inflation and
shell has a rubber washer when the mounting hex nut is
deflation of tires. An airtight seal Is formed by the
rubber washer that provides an airtight seal against the
rubber washer when the mounting hex nut is tightened
tapered seat Inside the stem. Directly below the shell Is
a cup that contains a rubber
Figure 32-26. Spud-Mounted Valve.


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