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TM 9-8000
Figure 33-4. Center Steering Linkage.
(1)  Centerlink.  The parallelogram steering
(2) Idler Arm. The centerlink is hinged on the
system uses a centerlink, otherwise known as an
opposite end of the pitman arm by means of an idler arm.
intermediate rod or track rod, to connect the steering
The idler arm supports the free end of the centerlink and
arms together. The turning action of the steering box is
allows it to move left and right with ease.
transmitted to the centerlink through the pitman arm.
The pitman arm also provides support for the centerlink.
(3)  Tie Rods.  The tie rod ends in this
The two components are connected by a hinge or ball
configuration serve the same purpose as those
Figure 33-5. Parallelogram Steering Linkage


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