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TM 9-8000
Figure 33-12. Typical Power Steering Pump.
power steering systems (fig. 33-15) is located on the
hydraulic pressure from acting on the cylinder when the
steering linkage. The power assist is developed in the
piston is bottomed by opening and allowing fluid to flow
cylinder through the action of the pressurized hydraulic
through the piston.
The cylinder may be single- or double-wall
construction. The hydraulic hoses connect to the ports
33-11. Operation.
on each end of the single-wall cylinder. The double-wall
cylinder has connections on one end for both hoses and
a. Neutral. In the neutral position (fig. 33-13)
an internal passageway between the walls to pressurize
there is no force required of the power steering system to
the other end of the cylinder. Some linkage cylinders
turn the wheels, therefore the fluid under pressure must
have a shuttle valve built into the piston. This valve is
be bypassed through the system.
This usually is
designed to open at the end of the piston stroke. This
accomplished in the control valve.  When there is no
feature helps eliminate full
steering force required by the driver, the spool in the


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