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TM 9-8000
Figure 34-6. Brakeshoes and Brake Lining
molded form currently Is used on modern vehicles.
particles In their composition. They also have good
Molded brake lining Is made of dense compact asbestos
wearing properties and are quiet during application. The
fibers, sometimes Impregnated with fine copper wire,
metallic linings have a high degree of metal fiber In their
and cut Into different sizes to match the corresponding
construction. They generally are characterized by small
brakeshoe. These types of linings, depending on how
square pads bonded or welded to the brakeshoe. The
much metal fiber Is used in their construction, are
pads may have a small space between them to aid in
referred to as nonmetallic, semimetallic, and metallic
cooling.  The  metallic  linings  operate  at  high
linings. The nonmetallic linings contain very few metal
temperatures and may require the use of special high-
fibers. This type of lining Is used on many modern
temperature brake parts. The metallic brake linings
vehicles because of Its quiet operation and good heat
generally are used for heavy-duty brake applications
transfer qualities. Due to the lack of metal particles, the
where large loads must be stopped or brakes are applied
nonmetallic linings wear well with brakedrums and do not
tend to wear the drums excessively. Because the shoes
are relatively soft In comparison to other types, they tend
c. Brakedrums. The brakedrum Is attached to the
to wear faster and require replacement more often. The
wheel and provides the rotating surface for the brake
pads to rub against to achieve the braking action. The


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