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TM 9-8000
Figure 34-9. Drum Brake Configurations.
overhauling the drum  brake assembly very time
Some self-adjusting systems operate In the forward
consuming. Because of the enclosed drum, asbestos
direction, some In the reverse, and others operate in
dust is collected In the brake cavity and certain parts of
both directions. The adjustment systems may be
the brakedrum. Asbestos Is a substance that can cause
grouped into three categories: cable, link, and lever;
cancer. Grinding linings and cleaning of the brake
each Is discussed below.
assembly may cause small particles of asbestos dust to
become airborne. This dust is inhaled easily by the
a. Cable Type. The cable-type self-adjusting system
mechanic and surrounding personnel. There- fore, an
(A, fig. 34-10) uses a braided steel cable and the
approved filter mask must be worn during brake
expanding action of both brakeshoes to accomplish the
self-adjusting action in the for- ward and reverse
directions. A one-piece cable Is attached to the adjusting
lever and passes through a cable guide on the primary
34-12. Self-Adjusting Mechanisms. Some drum brake
shoe. The cable then is passed up and over the anchor
assemblies are equipped with a self- adjusting system
and attached to the secondary shoe. Operation Is as
that  automatically  compensates  for  drum-to-lining
clearance because drum brakes lack the inherent ability
to self-adjust. After the brake system Is overhauled, the
(1) Brakes are applied and the shoes expand
initial shoe-to-drum clearance Is adjusted manually.


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