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TM 9-8000
the drum. The pistons or piston stems are connected
34-26. Wheel Cylinder. The wheel cylinder (A, fig. 34-
directly to the shoes. Rubber piston cups fit tightly in the
22) changes hydraulic pressure to the mechanical force
cylinder bore against each piston to prevent the escape
that pushes the brake shoes against the drums. The
of brake liquid. There Is a light spring between the cups
wheel cylinder housing is a casting mounted on the
to keep them in position against the pistons. The open
brake backing plate. Inside the cylinder are two pistons
ends of the cylinder are fitted with rubber boots to keep
that are moved in opposite directions by hydraulic
out foreign matter. Brake fluid enters the cylinder
pressure and which, at the same time, push the shoes
Figure 34-22. Wheel Cylinder Configurations.


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