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TM 9-8000
exerts a steady amount of pressure on the master
cylinder piston.
34-33. Tandem Booster. The tandem booster (fig. 34-
25) makes use of dual diaphragm plates to increase the
apply pressure to the master cylinder piston assembly.
This is used for heavy-duty application on some larger
34-34. Piston Booster. The piston-type booster (fig. 34-
26) uses a sliding piston assembly fitted to the outer shell
of the booster. The piston is provided with seals to assist
in airtight operation.
34-35. Bellows Booster. The bellows-type booster
(fig. 34-27) works by an expanding and contracting
bellows. The booster usually is mounted above the brake
pedal pivot point and acts against the brake pedal itself,
rather than the master cylinder.
34-36. Brake-Pedal Booster. The brake-pedal booster
Figure 34-26. Piston-Type Booster.
(fig. 34-28) is configured the same way
Figure 34-25. Tandem-Type Booster.


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