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TM 9-8000
speed of the transmission. The positions of all the cab
Figure 36-2. 36-5.  Transfer Case Power Takeoff. Power
control levers of one model of vehicle are shown in figure
sometimes is taken off a transfer case. The transfer
36-5 as they are placed on the instruction plate in the
case drive shaft, which is connected to the transmission,
cab. When the power takeoff clutch is engaged, the
extends through the case, and the power takeoff shaft is
winch capstan operates; but the winch drum does not
engaged to it by a dog clutch. This transfer case has two
rotate until the winch clutch is engaged.
speeds and a neutral position. It is necessary to put the
transfer case sliding gear in the neutral position if the
36-6.  Usage. The several types of power takeoffs
vehicle is to be stationary while the power takeoff is in
use. If the power takeoff is needed while the vehicle is in
have been described as operating winches, but their
motion, the transfer case may 'be shifted either into high
uses for operating various kinds of hoists, pumps, and
or low range. With this arrangement, the power takeoff
other auxiliary power-driven machinery are essentially
will work on any
the same


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