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TM 9-8000
Figure 36-15. Dump Body Control Lever (Driver's Seat Removed).
fluid from the pump into the front, or elevating, end of the
sides of the subframe. The piston rod is connected to a
hydraulic cylinder. The hydraulic pressure forces the
crosshead, which is pivoted with a roller arm on each
piston and piston rod toward the rear of the truck. This
end. Arms are supported by bearing pins on the bottom
raises the dump truck body.
of the body. The free ends of the arms are equipped
with rollers, which engage curved ramps attached to the
sides of the subframe. The movement of the piston rod,
36-21. Hydraulic Cylinder. The hydraulic cylinder is
carried through the arms and rollers to the ramps, raises
double acting and is mounted in the forward part of the
the body.
truck subframe. The cylinder base is mounted on a shaft
held in bearings on the inner


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