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TM 9-8000
c.  Six-Cylinder Axial Compressor.  This design
made of aluminum and can encounter pressures of
approximately 150 to 300 pslg, and temperatures
uses three double-ended pistons driven by a wobble
ranging from 1200 to 2000F (480 to 930C).  The
plate (fig.  37-14).  The three cylinders effectively
condenser usually is mounted in front of the radiator and
produce a six-cylinder compressor. As the shaft rotates,
subjected to a steady stream of cooling air.
the wobble plate displaces the pistons perpendicular to
the shaft. Piston drive balls are used to cut down friction
between the wobble plate and pistons. Piston rings also
37-9.  Refrigeration 011.  Refrigeration oil provides
are used to aid In sealing.
lubrication for the compressor.  Each system has a
certain amount of refrigeration oil (usually approximately
6 to 10 oz (177 to 296 mL)) added to the system Initially.
37-8.  Condenser.  The condenser (fig.  37-15) is
If the system stays sealed, the oil will not break down or
designed  to  remove  heat  from  the  compressed
need to be changed. Refrigeration oil is highly refined
refrigerant, returning it to a liquid state.  Condensers
and must be free of moisture.
generally are made from a continuous tube looped back
and forth through rigidly mounted cooling fins. They are
Figure 37-14. Six-Cylinder Axial Compressor.


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